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Pakistan Fresh Dates

Gilano Trading Company is one of the leading Pakistan Dates Business & Pakistan Dates Manufacturers from Karachi, Pakistan involved in mainly Dates Processing and Dates Export Business of Aseel Dates, Turtab Mix Dates, Begum Jangi Dates, Balochistan Rabbi Dates, Dry Dates, Pitted Dates, Diced Dates, Chopped Dates and other dates related products.

Gilano Trading Company is Food Certified supplier specialized in dry dates, pitted dates, chopped dates and diced dates. Gilano Trading Company is also a certified supplier of dates mainly aseel dates from Pakistan.

The customer base of Gilano Trading Company is widely spread all over the world mainly USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands and other EU Countries.

The main forte of the Gilano Trading Company is strong strategic partnership with leading dates suppliers and commodities traders of USA, UK, EU and UAE.

GNS Dates team possesses sound academic credentials in Business, Agriculture, Production Management, Food Technologies & Microbiology, Industrial Chemistry and Law.

Gilano Dates Farms

Gilano Trading Company also own Dates Farms which were planted at Khairpur, Sindh. For last couple of years, the group is endeavoring to introduce and adopt modern agriculture farming techniques and processing methods at the Dates Farms and Factory located in District Khairpur, Sindh.

At Gilano Trading, we deal in Best Quality Pakistani Fresh Dates like, Aseel, Begum Jangi, Balochistan Rabbi & Turbat Mix.